The portrait

I feel like I need to start with a note about my portrait. Personally, I think I look rather badass in this picture, but in reality I am very rarely this serious; and generally only when waiting for my first cup of coffee in the morning to finish brewing.

The Person

I am sort of from all over. I was born in Miami, FL but then went to high school in Carbondale, CO (if you have never heard of it, look it up because it is an awesome place), went to college in Savannah, GA, started Ivan Apfel Photography in Boston, MA, and finally moved back to South Florida in 2003.

I feel that living all over this country was one of the most important things that ever happened to me. The views, attitudes, lifestyles, and values of each region as well as the friends I made in each place helped shape who I am today and how I connect to the world around me

I have been married to my amazing wife, Ana, for 15 years now. She personifies the ideal that a man is only as great as the even greater woman who stands beside him. Together we are raising two incredible, funny, smart and creative boys; William and Alexander (also referred to as ā€œZā€). Rounding out our home is Ghost, our very fancy, tuxedo kitty who we rescued as a kitten after Hurricane Irma.

the photographer

Photography was never a hobby or side gig for me. I did not just fall into it. By the time I graduated high school I had already shot and hand processed almost 1000 rolls of film. I attended Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD) spending four years receiving formal training in traditional photographic techniques as well as medium and large format photography, advanced print making, studio photography, and commercial photography. I spent my first couple of years out of college working for local and federal law enforcement as their forensic imaging expert. After that I moved to Boston and started Ivan Apfel Photography in 1997 before relocating back to Miami in 2003. So, in short, being a photographer is all I have ever been.

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